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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Turning 60 and Getting Back on Track

How I wish I could always be consistent at what I set out to do!  I planned to keep my food diary on my fitness pal; I planned to write on my blog everyday; and I planned to exercise everyday.  Bam!!  Life comes at me and throws me off!  I am not giving excuses, just saying where I fail.  So here I am a month after writing my last blog post.  And a very busy month it has been!!
   My birthday was earlier in this month, and it was my BIG birthday!!  I was taken out to eat by friends and family several times.  But the biggie was a surprise birthday party that was given by my mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, and sister.  My sister lives out of state, so it was quite a surprise to see her.  I also had college friends from out of town, my unome friends (high school friends), and then close friends who live in town for the party.  And then that evening my daughter orchestrated a great dinner by delegating responsibilities to my husband, sons, mother, sister, and daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law.  We had a great time!!  But all that running around going here and there and OVEREATING and eating the WRONG things totally got me off track.
    So today I am getting back on track!  My goals right now are:
1.  Drink more water
2.  No more sodas
3.  Eat less fat
4.  Eat NO sugar
5.  Eat more vegetables and fruit
6.  Walk each day
7.  Eat more mindfully

So, I am not going to say that my diet has been awful.  It is just with all the going out to eat, I have eaten desserts and more carbohydrates than I normally would.  My weight has only crept back up a few pounds, but that is not going to get me to my push goal- remember-to lose 35 lbs.  I also have continued to do my workouts with Chalean Extreme, although they are hit and miss.  Today I am
sooooooo sore from the last two days of working out.  
   I just know that 60 years old means I am getting closer to the day when I will not be very active.  I want to inhibit that as best I can.  So I have to say to myself that all of the above is going to make me a more fit, healthier, better looking active person.  I know that I will have my ups and downs, my inconsistencies, my setbacks as well as my accomplishments... but I will not give up!  I will work on all of this today!!  And I will not worry about tomorrow, but work on today!!

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