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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Foot

Is this subject of my foot just a mundane, boring, unexciting, exhausted topic? Well.. I would have to say that it is certainly the reason that this blog has changed so much. And yet others who have injury just get past it, and don't seem to let it slow them down much. I am wondering... was I looking for some excuse to not do as much? I would have to argue with myself that that is not the truth. But the real truth is that having an injury can certainly get you off track. I have been easily distracted from doing what I need to do. I continue to hope for each new treatment that I try. This week I began physical therapy. Yes, it is going to be expensive. But it seems like I have had some result of less pain since my two sessions. Right now my PT has applied ultrasound to my foot and then taped it. Today I learned several new stretching exercises. I have also learned that I definitely pronate when I walk. Therefore, I must always look for a shoe that has a pronate guard on it and the bottom of my shoe should not taper in the middle but be thick throughout. My PT also has plantar fascitis. He knows exactly the pain that I have had although he does not have the heel pain. I have not quit my FF class through all of these months. And, I did go on a 14.5 mile bike ride last Friday. I hope to go biking more along with getting back to swimming since the weather is warming up. Saturday I have an all day kayak trip planned. This should be a fun time, and I will report on that later. I just wanted to report since I don't post often like I did. I hope to soon be posting again as I become once again more disciplined with my eating and my exercise. Now let me leave you with a photo of the cutest little Texas Ranger.

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shannonmichaelis said...

she looks just like her father!