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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 69-P90X- Chest and Back

When that alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m. I have such trouble dragging myself out of bed. My husband remarked about how he did not know how I did that... bragging on me. I have to say, " It ain't easy!!!" It can go either way- I can lay there and talk myself out of it, or lay there and finally say to myself, " Let's do it!" And I don't know what motivates me more- hearing someone say something good like- you are really looking good, or someone say something bad- like you know you are never going to be a small person. Well, I just don't know... until I was 38 years old, I was a small person. But that was a long time ago. However, I still have not given up that idea. Am I crazy? In denial? I cannot measure my success by weight loss or I would have quit a long time ago. I am rarely sick, I take no medication except for thyroid pills, and I seem to be able to keep up pretty good. So back to my workout... I did the chest and back workout today. I did it pretty much the way that I always do- the first set up pushups I do 15 from the feet and 10 from the knee. And when we do the second set, I do 10 from the feet and 15 from the knee. I seemed to have an easier time of it. I also did the decline pushups, but that really seems to put alot of pressure on my back. I did up the weights to 12 lbs when doing the heavy pants, the lawnmowers, and the bent over pullups. I also will add that when doing the pushups, I really tried to make myself go lower. I often wonder which would be better - doing more pushups and not going down real low or doing the opposite- doing less pushups but going lower to the floor. Someone want to give their opinion about this. Today I did not do as well with the water. I was at work, and I seemed to never have a chance to drink any water today. I ate a couple of those bran muffins so I figure I did get my fiber. No Dr. Pepper for me today and I did my exercise. So, I am still meeting my goals each day. I think tomorrow is plyometrics. I need to get to it early because I am leaving to go to big D to see the grandbaby. I missed her so much at Thanksgiving. My daughter and I will try to get in a little shopping. So, I don't know if I will be able to squeeze in any workouts on Friday and Saturday. But I will sure try.


Alissa said...

I'm impressed by the 5 AM workouts! I have wondered the same thing about pushups. I actually lean toward it being better to go all the way through the motion and do less of them instead of more and half motion. I'm no expert though, so I'm not sure! It seems logical though that the more you do pushups with full extension, you'll get better and be able to do more... maybe? :)

Dee said...

Thanks for the opinion Alissa, and thanks for following my blog. I hope you are doing better than me. I will post later about missing my workout.

Jen said...

Dee,'ve got me on that one! I think what I usually do is do as many as I can going low and doing them exactly right...then when I start to get exhausted, I will do them half-motion just to get a few more in. I don't think you're "wrong" either way...but I think that you should at least try to do 1 or 2 going you can work those different muscle fibers that engage when you get low like that. I know when I first started trying to do chin ups. HA! I couldn't even lift myself an inch!!! So I used a chair to 'jump' myself up to the top of the chin up bar and then I SLOWLLLLY lowered myself down (like a reverse chin up). Eventually I could pull myself almost all the way (but still used the chair). Now, (a year and a half later) I can do 3 full pull ups with no assistance! I honestly never thought I would be able to do ONE. I thought it "wasn't in me" I was made wrong or something...but it just goes to show, with persistance and determination and baby steps, you can get to where you want to be!
As I always say, you are absolutely amazing! I soooo sooo sooo wish my mom would read your blog and see what SHE could be doing! She seems to have "given up" on herself--and being fit. She's only 59. I wish I knew if I bought her the Slim in 6 videos for Christmas, if she'd use them..!?! Anyway, don't let yourself be fooled---you are one TOUGH, HARD CORE, HOT GRANDMA that I am super proud of!!