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Monday, December 14, 2009

Will I Ever........?

Will I ever return to P90X. Week before last I mentioned I went to visit my daughter and granddaughter, thus missing my workout. Then got home and youngest son was here from college, missed my workout. Then came down with a terrible cold, sinusitis, ackyness (spelled wrong), and just not feeling up to par- tired, rundown. Then the beginning of this week I had some unexpected business to attend to. So there you have it. It has been almost two weeks since I last worked out. And another thing. I dread doing plyometrics... especially since I have been feeling bad. I have been trying in the midst of all of this to decorate, to get ready for my sister and her family to come to town, to buy gifts, and I have just let exercise not be a priority. And that was even after I set those goals. It was like I set the goals of working out 4 times a week, and then I just quit. So I am wondering... am I going to finish P90X? Do I need another change? I only have 20 days to finish it... even though I began it almost 5 months ago. If I get over this mucus clearing of my throat, I may feel better to jump around and sweat. So... don't do like me.... you all keep going... I am so distracted right now.. but I DO plan to get back on track!


Jen said...

Dee, you sound just like me. I threw that whole "25 day challenge" out there to everyone and then have you noticed that I haven't mentioned it again? :o)
Ya well....I did the same thing. I made this big goal and then like 3 days later, I fell off the wagon. And I'm still off. Ugh! Not only have the workouts been few and far between (3 x week and 4 x if I'm LUCKY) but also the eating has been just crazy. When we're just at home with our normal routine, we eat okay. But there have been so many celebrations, dinners and parties in the past 2 weeks that I think I've eat "bad" more than "good." It's tempting to get discouraged, but let's agree not to, okay? We are both strong women who know what we want and we know how to get it. This is just a busy time of life and neither of us is so heavy that it is life-threatning. There is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about if we take it easy for a few weeks while family is visiting and Christmas is happening. Come January 2nd when all the parties and chaos is over and everyone has gone back to their own home, then we can turn up the heat and get focused again. As much as I like to be a HARDCORE GO-GO-GO coach, I have to be realistic too...for my team as well as myself...and to be honest, working out is NOT the most important thing in life. It has it's place, but it should'nt plague us with guilt when more important things take up our time. I have COMPLETE confidence and faith in you that you WILL return to P90X and you WILL finish it! I did a post on my blog today about Tony's 10-minute trainer. He's got a new set out has 9 new workouts--all 10 minutes each. I REALLY think this is something you might want to look into to put in your fitness library. It seems like time is one of the reasons that P90X is difficult for you (as it is for so many of us!!) and I just think you might really LOVE the ability to get in a good, hardcore workout with Tony in just 10 minutes! Check out my blog to read more info about it!

Sheree said...

Dee - Sit back and have a Route 44 Dr. Pepper!! You will feel better instantly...