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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still Seem To Be Busy

It seems like I still seem to be busy. But you are never too busy for exercise. So what in the world is wrong with me. Well, for one thing.. lately different circumstances have resulted in me getting little sleep. Last night some unforeseen events occurred with a friend causing me to be out late and not getting in bed before 1:30 a.m. Needless to say, I was tired when I got up this morning. I just did not feel like exercising. Okay, Dee... that is no excuse. If all people did not exercise because they did not feel like it, people would seldom do it. I should have just jumped in there an gotten to it. Instead I went about the task of preserving the harvest. My dh has a raised bed garden and we are getting squash like nobody's business. So today I "put up" 9 pints of squash pickles. They are delicious. Instead of slicing the squash like you do cucumbers, you cube the squash and slice the onions. They did have a good flavor and also a crunch.

I have for a few days done my squats, pushups, and situps. I want to do them 5x a day where I do 20 at a time. Instead, I usually have been doing about 25-30 and only doing them once. And my cardio has lacked lately as I have not walked since I was in Galveston last week. The country road where my neighbors walk is infested with horseflies right now. They seem to really love me. My legs have huge bites that look kinda like sores...not a pretty site. I am waiting for those horseflies to leave!!

Well, here is a positive note. I finally have figured out how to transfer the pattern from my Letterworks III monogram program from my computer to the little box with the reader writer to my sewing machine. I paid big bucks for that software, and I have been so frustrated that I could not figure it out. It is so terrible to get old and for technology to make you feel so dumb. I know that if I do this program over and over, it will become so easy. So I did one towel for a graduation gift. I plan to do a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth for each of the three graduates on my list, and then I have two wedding gifts to do. I plan to do two bath towels, one hand towel, and two wash cloths for each couple. I am going to put the monogram of the bride and groom with his initial, the last name initial, and then her initial. I hope they will turn out good. I can end up not having to spend $50 for a wedding gift. And hopefully by the time I have done several of these, then my software will pay for itself. It has probably 100 fonts to choose from. And I am trying to save money, (not be cheap) because I don't have a job! Remember.. I am retired. I am still just not accomplishing everything I want to. Hmm.. maybe I need to go back to work and hire some of these things done... what do you think???

Okay, tomorrow... do some kind of cardio!!!

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Jen said...

I told my husband today...I want to be JUST LIKE her someday!!!
(speaking of you, of course!) :-)