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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Fall

Wow! Don't you absolutely love this time of year? I love the coolness in the air, the beautiful color of the leaves changing, and just the smells of nature. I found out that I also loving going to Galveston in the fall. I was down there this weekend, and it was the most gorgeous visit I have ever had. I walked on the Seawall two days- 5 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday. I ate boiled shrimp and also had a fish taco. Since my husband fries up catfish better than any restaurant, I am going to get him to fry some and then I am going to make my own corn tortillas and instead of lettuce, use the shredded cabbage. It will be even more delicious than the one I had at Shrimp and Stuff (my favorite restaurant on the island). After my walk one day, I got in the pool and swam laps. The pool is heated and it was not too cold outside nor too hot- just perfect!

It has been awhile since I posted because I have just been really busy. I will have to post later for y'all the jacket that I repurposed for my granddaughter. And also show you the ironing board that I made. I had visited a local quilt shop and seen this 24" by 60" pressing table. It is just that- a table! So wonderful to do all my quilting projects on. I have also been busy making my youngest son a T-shirt quilt. I need one more shirt on the front. It is not just any shirt- it is when he played baseball for Angelina College. I have several extra shirts that are going on the back, but I need this special one for the front. You see the vinyl letter shirts (which is the one that I have) just are not as pretty as the screen printed ones. I told him to get me a screeen printed one. If he doesn't, I guess I will use the one I have.

My exercise of late has been mainly walking. And I have had such pain in my feet. But today, I am actually walking around with no pain. It is not my plantar fascitis, but rather pain on top of my foot. I am wondering if it is arthritis. And also wondering if my diet is contributing to this. Or is it not hurting today because of a weather change. I don't know. But I sure hope it will go away!!

So, I am leaving you with a photo of my little granddaughter taken at the Dallas Arboretum in the pumpkin patch. She is finally getting some hair. Isn't she the sweetest thing? My daughter told her when taking her photo, " Be sweet to the pumpkin." And that is the shot she got!! So I will try to post more often, but with the holiday season on us, you know how busy we can get.

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