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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Love Chickens

So you probably do not know this about me, but I love chickens. That is plural.. meaning live ones. Yes, I love to eat chicken, but I love to raise chickens. It has been many years since we have had any chickens to raise.. I had some chicks when my chicks were still here growing up. So today I went outside since it was such a nice cool day and began the task of cleaning up around my chicken pen. We thought about moving the location to raise our chickens, but I have been waiting on dh a long time to start this project. I am thinking if I depend on him for this pen, it just "ain't" gonna happen. The reason we wanted to move the pen is because it is about 40 feet into the woods, and we have a hard time with varmits- oppossum, raccoons, and ...yikes.. snakes. But I am going to get it sealed up good and take a chance that my pen will be safe and secure. So today here is what I got done- I cleared some of the trail by chopping some small trees down along with lots of thorny vines. I got a ladder and got the pine straw off the wire roof and also off the tin roof that covers the coop. I raked alot of the pine straw that is in the pen. When I finished for the day, I had scratches with blood running down my legs, lots of mosquito bites, Blisters on my hands, and sweat that soon made me cold. I guess I worked about 3 hours. Dang.. I am in poor shape. So I will have to put this project on hold for a few days because I am helping someone with an estate sale. They have everything all tagged. I just have to put a "Sold" tag on an item when a customer says they want it and put their name on that item. This is a very big sale. They have a Baker dining room hutch priced at $7,200. I think it will be fun as well as seeing lots of people. But back to the chickens.. the reason I like raising them is I love yard eggs! If you have ever eaten a fresh egg, you know the difference in taste from the eggs you buy at the grocery store. I will keep you updated on the chicken pen and hopefully have some photos to share.

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