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Monday, February 10, 2014

Not Being Consistent

Total lbs. lost   -6 (stayed the same)

Okay... remember my posts about me not being consistent??? Well... I still have that problem!  Life just interrupts me on my life choices of what I eat and how I move.  Last week started off with me having a stomach virus- I will spare you the details other than to say that I with the stomach problems I have aches and fever also.  Then this past week I was at a beautiful resort area with great friends and we indulged in food and drink.  I did not go cah-ray-zee... but still did not stay in bounds.  And now I have either allergies or a cold and cough or something!!  Just still not up to feeling great!  But today I am logging my food in my fitness pal, so I will record that tomorrow.  I also just don't feel a need to post each and every day my total calories unless I include something a little more interesting than statistics.  I actually did get in a little exercise while I was gone.. I walked about 2 miles on Saturday.


vlad said...

re our conversation on bicycles.
Please send me your email address.

vlad said...

forget calories.
it is easy to count carbohydrates.
all foods have labels.
limit yourself to 60 carb grams in 24 hours.
I lost from 290 to 260. Lost six inches in the waist.
This morning wearing only my glass eyes I weighed 250
on my bathroom scale.

page 90 Wilderness Cookery by Bradford Angier
Meat is the one complete food. Plump fresh meat is the single food known to mankind that contains every nutritional ingredient necessary for good health. It is entirely possible for man to live on meat alone. No particular parts need be eaten. Fat juicy sirloins, if you prefer, will supply you with all the food necessary for top robustness even if you eat nothing else for a week, a month or a decade.
Every animal in the far and near reaches of this continent, every fish that swims in our lakes and rivers and streams is good to eat. Nearly every part of North American animals is edible, even the somewhat bland antlers that are not bad roasted when in velvet, to the bitterish gall that has an occasional use as seasoning. The single exception is the liver of the polar bear, and of the ringed and bearded seal, which at certain times become so rich in Vitamin A that it is well avoided. Juicy fricasseess, succulent stews and sizzling roasts are fine fare.
If anything, most of us would be happy eating more of this ideal grub which contains all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary for full vigor. One way to acomplish this? By not passing up the birds and small game which are freely available to many of us thoughout the entire year and which if not eaten will only be wasted.

from Arctic Manual by Vilhjalmuir Steffansson
On a diet of straight meat (and fish), cut fat and lean into inch cubes. Eat one fat, one lean. When fat no longer tastes good, eat just lean until you are full. If fat makes you nauseous you are eating too much of it. The Eskimos he saw were a strong, healthy race and they subsisted on a diet which consisted largely of meat and animal and marine fat. The fat included large quantities of whale blubber. Yes the Eskimo did not suffer from obesity. If meat needs carbohydrate and other vegetable additions to make it wholesome then the poor Eskimo were not eating healthfully .. they should have been in a wretched sate. On the contrary, they seems to me the healthiest people I had lived with."

Dee said...

Yes vlad, I am not only limiting my calories, but also my carbs. I have also bumped up my physical activity. I always welcome your comments. It was good to see you last week. Take care. Dee