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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 1-P90X-Chest and Back

Okay, I just finished my first day of P90X. I don't know if you could call this a full workout or not because I was struggling with most of it. I do not have the chinup bar, so I was using the bands instead. I am hoping that I was doing that right. I did not find that too difficult so I am thinking that I did it incorrectly or I need stronger bands. The pushups- oh my gosh.. now I can do a regular pushup, but all the different kinds-the regular, the military, the wide hands, the decline, the heart hands.... so, I opted each time to do the "girl" version, which is on my knees instead of my feet for those of you who do not know this. I was able to do about 15 each time. When I got to the divebombers... hmm... I could only do about 3or 4 of those. I did do the dive bombers from my feet. I totally had to skip the decline. I am just not there yet. I could do the lawnmowers and the heavy pants. Anytime I was using dumbbells, I had no trouble. In fact, I was using 10 lb dumbbells, and I think I need too go up to 12 lb.

So here are some of the changes I plan to make for doing my P90X. Yes, changes already that I am making to insure my success. I am going to be doing it in the hallway of the back of my house instead of my large kitchen area. I am going to try this. We have two Central AC units- one for the bedroom section of the house and one for the living room/kitchen section of the house. At night we don't cool the living area.. we cut it up to 85, but the bedroom is about 75. Well, since I am doing this workout in the morning, the kitchen is not cool enough. So, I am hoping I can have enough room in the hallway. I will try this tomorrow. Also, I HAVE to go to bed earlier so I can get up early and do this so there are no telephone interruptions. I also need to make sure I am more hydrated. I was just not feeling great when I started. I was dehydrated and tired.

Tomorrow I am going out of town so I am hoping to do Day 2 before I go. And I am spending the night so I will have to do Day 3 when I return on Saturday. I am about to go to the grocery store to get more of the right type of food- fish, salad makings, fruit-grapes, cherries, bananas and pineapple. I will get some rice cakes and pstachios. I have the Mozarella cheese sticks. I will get some LF cheddar and skim milk. Also so peanut butter and almond butter. I am going to the beach tomorrow to stay with some friends in a condo, so I am gonna try to get my food cooked up and take it with me. I will go out on Friday night, but for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, I don't want to be tempted with their potato chips and cookies.

After staying up late last night and reading my beachbody coach's blog, I can tell you that I am not dedicated like her. I don't know how successful I will be. I am seeing that to really lose weight and have a healthy body, it takes being focused and determined. It takes a totally different mindset tham what our culture has.. which is all about pleasing ourselves and overindulgence. We are not a very self-denying kind of people. So... I hope to be different in my thinking as well as my shape. Right now I am not thinking I want to reveal my before photos. In fact, I haven't even taken them yet. Oh, and here is what I have had for breakfast-5 egg whites in an omelet with LF mozarella cheese stick grated in it. I added a little enchilada sauce and I had a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper. Yes, it will be gone soon, and no more of that. I will post later about my lunch and dinner.


Michelle said...

"I don't know how successful I will be." I don't ever want to hear you say those words again! You WILL be successful - by simply completing Day 1 of P90X, you are a success! With every single workout, you WILL become stronger and better and FIERCER!

Keep pushing play!

Jen said...

Dee! I am so proud of you! The only thing you need to worry about is PUSHING PLAY (and eating healthy). Everything else will take care of itself. I became SO focused because I was at a place with my body/fitness that I was very frustrated about. I was determined to do something about it.
I think the fact that you did 15 push ups of each kind on your FIRST work out is AWESOME! You'll be so happy when you look back at the end of this 90 days and see how you've improved! Keep up the great work. The fact that you are thinking ahead and making a "plan" is SO important! Way to go!