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Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 2 P90X- Plyometrics

Okay, let me just say when Tony says this is the extreme of P90X, he is not lying. I only made it through about half of it. Plyometrics is a lot of squatting and jumping. I don't think I am pushing myself hard enough, but who wants to push themselves to vomiting? Yes.. that is how I felt. I was cooler in the back of the house, but still very hot. I am assuming I felt this way because my heart rate was up. And I did feel nauseated. But hey, I know myself. If I had vomited, I would say to heck with this.. send it back.. I have 30 days. But no, you keep going and do the best you can. If you quit before finishing, you will only get better as time goes on. I must continue. I ended up setting up my exercise in my college son;s bedroom. He will be home for a few weeks in August after he completes summer school. I may have to move it to another room for those two weeks. Also Jen, it may sound like I did good by doing the pushups, but I should be doing good. I have been doing a core strengthening class for a year and a half which involved pushups. I just never did that many!!! I quit my fitness fusion class because they were going from 3x a week to 5x a week and doubling the gym fee. But hey.. I think my body needed a change. I was not very good advertizement for them. Breakfast today was a 100 calorie English muffin with one piece turkey bacon and 3 egg whites. Okay, I am getting ready to go to Galveston.. bikini.. no.. maybe next year!!!


Casey said...

You are doing great! Have fun in Galveston...wish I was there too!

Jen said...

Plyo is the hardest work out in the entire set as far as I'm concerned. I know what you mean about pushing to the point of vomiting. I have never vomited during a work out...but this one certainly gets me feeling like I could at any minute. I like to jump and stuff...but give me a break!! ha ha If you do these vidoes and just give it your best for that day...whether that is 100% or 75% or even 50%---you are still WAY better off than being sedentary (like so many other people are). Just try to UP your enthusiasm each time a bit. On the days when you're feeling good...push as hard as you can stand to. On the days when you're not feeling it...just do what you can. Either way Keep Pushing Play!