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Monday, July 6, 2009

Any Suggestions?

I guess I need to get used to changes in things that I wish would not change. I began really trying to be more active 6 years ago. I walked long distances for an entire year before I decided to go back to weight lifting which I had done when I was young. So I was at a club that had a pool and weight equipment, and I got it all for a bargain. I stayed there for three years until the club was sold to a school. And they covered the pool, and now they are trying to sell it. So my FF class that I have been attending for 1 1/2 years three days a week has changed their classes. There will no longer be a 3-day a week, but instead a 5-day a week. And they doubled the price. So... I haven't decided whether to join another gym.. one that has weights, one that has classes, one that has both, or try to do the workout at home. Yeah.. can I make myself do it? I have been reading about this P90X and Cathe's workout. Does anyone out there do these? I would like to hear what works for you, and any other suggestions you might have.


Anonymous said...

I have heard nothing but good things about P90X. It is hard, but I hear if you stick to the plan then you will lose weight fast.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, I'm Shane Smith's wife, and found your blog through Shannon's blog as well as Casey has commented on my blog too! Shane and I have done P90x in the past. It' really tough, but I really liked how everyday was a different activity. One day its yoga, another arms and back the next is more aerobic and so on. When we started it we needed only a couple of items for the program such as hand weights, yoga block, and then Shane used a doorway pull up bar while I used a resistance rope, so it's easy enough to do at home. You just have to keep in mind to go at your own pace, because it's definitely challenging but you'll see results if you keep up with it. We stopped when we moved and have yet to pick it back up again though we plan to soon. Hope all is well! ~Kaki