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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thank you Lord

I am just so thankful to the Lord, not just for the big things, but for those little things that sometimes we just might miss if we aren't careful. My mother is getting older, and you know... sometimes you can become impatient with older adults. You can dread some things that you have to do. Such is what I was thinking within the last couple of weeks. My mother has made the decision to move to a beautiful apartment that is assisted living for senior adults. The facility is great and will be a wonderful place to live. But thinking about reducing contents from a 2500 square foot house to a 900 square foot apartment with no garage and no yard or large patio is enough to cause some stress. She will not be moving for a few months, and her house is not presently on the market, so I do have considerable amount of time to do this task. Well, as I was saying... thank you Lord for those times you give us when we don't expect them. The last two days have been cleaning out dresser drawers, and endtables, cabinets, and closets... not necessarily getting it all out yet, but making the decisions of what goes with her and what do we get rid of.. and who gets what. I was thinking this was going to be such a chore.. but yesterday... well yesterday... we made a memory. She recently hurt her back and was unable to assist me in bending, reaching, lifting, or carrying. She sat by my side in a chair for hours as we went through her personal wardrobe saying "Yes (which meant I am taking it), and no (which meant it wasn't going." There was very little waivering as she said these words. I am so proud of her tackling this and realizing that she can't take all these items. We even worked way past lunch. I went to a local restaurant and picked us up some lunch, and then we rested before I restored her home to its present neatness. I had to move all of this stuff somewhere before we decide where it all will go. My point is.... keep praying ahead of time... God is in the little stuff as well as the big stuff. He gave us this day to be together and work together and enjoy one another. Just because it is work does not mean it can't have immeasurable impact. How about you... start looking for those ways God wants to bless you... even when you think it is a chore.

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