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Sunday, June 14, 2009


About three weeks ago I was having a great walk on a shady country road when one of those darn horseflies bit me. It hurt and itched. And.... it made a big bite on me. I scrubbed it and it ended up having about a 10 mm scab. It is still there. Then yesterday, my husband had mowed around the perimeter of our pine plantation, and I wanted to take a walk on it because it has been awhile since I walked it. I had not gone 25 feet when I felt something stick me. OUCH!!! I looked at my leg and saw that a wasp was on my leg. I think now it was probably a hornet, and I had stepped on its nest. I can see that it popped me about three times before I knocked it off. Now my calf has a big red area of about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It is sore. I have never been allergic to stings, but this hornet sting has made me wonder. Needless to say, that I never made it any further after I got stung. It hurt too bad. Today I am relaxing and enjoying my Sunday afternoon waiting until I give ds a ride to catch his ride back to A&M. I had a great day at church getting so see my friend and neighbor's granddaughter be baptized. I am so happy that she is born into the family of God. Tomorrow I go with my mother to check out assisted living (for her not me). I hope to get to my FF class and maybe even be able to do my walk/jog again. Also, tomorrow is another weigh-in for me. Hope it is good news!!

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