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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Post on my Foot

Are you all tired of reading another post about my foot? I so hope that one day this will all be something that I never think about. Maybe even where I even forget that I once had foot pain. But right now... it is still with me. However, I did go through four sessions of physical therapy. This included ultrasound heat, taping, and stretching exercises. My PT showed me how to do all the taping and the exercises I should do daily. I am really trying to be very compliant with all of this. I have to get my kinesio tape ordered. I have one of those stretching exercise rubber looking strips that I use with my foot exercises. I form a loop, insert my foot, and then apply resistance as I move my foot inward, outward, toward me, away from me. I do clockwise circles with my toe leading the way, counter-clockwise circles, write the alphabet in the air with my toe. Then I get on a step and lean my heel downward where I get a big stretch. I also do a stretch where I put my hands against the wall and extend one foot back and really stretch out my hamstring. My PT says that his plantar fascitis only flares up sometimes. He is good 85% of the time. Oh for that day!!!

Yesterday before my FF class I walked/ran for 15 minutes on the treadmill. I would have gone longer, but I did not have time. I will be missing my FF class on Friday because I am babysitting my little granddaughter. But I brought my weighted bar with me, and I plan to do some lifting on my own. I am going to try to get back into my 5-6 day exercise week. Right now with the babysitting and responsibilities with my elderly mother, I have not been able to get back on track. Also, I got back to keeping my food diary with I read this statement and I totally agree..." the best way to lose weight is keeping a food diary." I don't care what you do... weight watchers, First Place, Spark People, calorie counting. Keeping a food diary has made me successful with weight loss. It keeps you accountable, you HAVE to be honest and write down all your food, it identifies problem areas, it shows you how many calories you had that could have easily been avoided like a tsp of mayonaise or salad dressing, cheese, skim milk vs. 2% milk. You see that you could have had some blueberries or strawberries or apple which is so much more food than that fatty substance you did have. Trust me... if you are serious about losing weight, keep a food diary. But remember, if you are not committed to this, nothing will work. Yes, it is a chore to do this, but how bad do you want it? I must mention that that is my new mantra... "How bad do you want it?" I had a friend mention this to me. Her trainer had told her when she was tired and doing her workout, " Well, how bad do you want it?" Now I am saying that to myself when I want to quit my workout, or skip it, or eat that extra helping or drink that Dr. Pepper. I ask, " How bad do you want it?" Meaning.. how bad do you want to be that size that is your goal? I am saying that to myself.. " Dee, how bad do you want to lose this weight and go down a couple of sizes?" It makes me stop. Maybe this will work for you too. Write me and let me know how your weight loss success is going. Okay, I'm off to drink that water that I am keeping track of- at least eight 8 ounce glasses a day.

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