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Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Bible Study

I went to the Christian Book Store to get the Beth Moore Study of Esther. They did not have it, but they did have one that I have never even heard of... "Stepping Up" a journey through the Psalms of Ascent. I called my church office while I was in the book store and they had some extra books there, and they had the DVD's that go along with the study. I was watching the introductory video yesterday, and Beth said, " It is no accident that you are doing this Bible study... but God wanted you to do this." So... it was really not meant for me to do the Esther study at this time, but I agree with Beth... this is what I need today. I get so undisciplined with my daily Bible reading. When I do a study, it seems I am more committed. I started out the year with my memory verses, but my problem is... I keep losing them!! I still have not given up on this. This new study is a six week study with 30 days of homework. I am not going to say that I will have it done in six weeks. But I love the Psalms, and I know I am going to love this study. I have found that when you are feeling sad or overwhelmed or disheartened or discouraged... go to the Psalms. What better way to be uplifted than by praising God!!!


Abbie H. said...

Hi Dee! I ran across your blog when doing a search for online Bible studies just to see what is out there.

I'm a part of an online Bible study group of ladies across the US and Canada who blog about our study as we do the study together. We recently did Stepping Up and it is definitely worth the time to work through it. We are getting ready to do Esther at the end of July. I'm hoping I have better luck than yourself on getting my hands on a book! haha!

Good luck on Stepping Up and with the memory verses! I do think anyone who works through it, would enjoy it!

Abbie H. said...

Sorry, to comment again but I wanted to add that if you ever want to join us, you are always welcome to. This study, we have a group of 15 women and all of different ages. It's a wonderful group of ladies and having the accountability so-to-speak is good for so many of us.

The main site is if you want to check it out. Although, it does sound like you will be a bit busy with Stepping Up! :)

Jen said...

Oh Dee!! I just got home not more than 30 minutes ago from Beth Moore's Bible Study on Esther!! I am beginning week 8 (of 9). It has been AMAZING! This is my first experience with any of Beth Moore's studies and I am just awed at how God speaks through her! You should definitely pursue Esther when you have an opportunity! I've never enjoyed the scripture any more than I have this past 8 weeks finding God ALL over a book in which His name doesn't even appear! I can't WAIT to start my next Bible Study!!