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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last Week and My Birthday

Last week included about two workouts. I am really trying to think if I did two or three. I did the Jackie workout on Monday and then again on Thursday. I went on a two hour bike ride on Friday. Actually, we did not go that far.. it was a slow ride so my quads did not bother me.. but oh my gosh.. my butt!! Sitting on a thin bicycle seat for two hours when you haven't done it in over a year is sooooooo painful. It hurt me while I was doing it, and it is still bothering me now. I think you just have to get your rear-end used to sitting on a seat. The more you do it, the less it hurts. So Saturday was my birthday, and I got treated all week long- lunches, breakfast and dinner. Well, actually I cooked my own meal on my birthday- The Pioneer Woman Cooks chicken fried steak. Her cookbook is so good. Certainly not lowfat, but so good. And the chicken friend steak is the best! My dh, oldest ds, and a longtime friend joined us for dinner. And since I am on Facebook, I probably had close to 100 birthday greetings. I got several cards from friends and family members. My daughter even got my dh to get me a gift this year. Well, I pressured her into doing that. But I got a Pandora bracelet and dd gave me my first charm for it. My mother gave me a gift certificate to get another charm to go on it. All in all, I had a great birthday.

On a sad note... a young girl who graduated with my youngest ds was tragically killed in a four wheeler accident. I am so sorry for this family. For her.. she is now with the Lord. But for those left behind she has left a big hole in their life. You know death is one thing you are not going to bypass. At some time it will happen to all of us. I hope you are all prepared. You don't have to guess. You can know without a doubt that you are not going to miss Heaven. If you feel like this is a bunch of hogwash.. this Jesus stuff... then just say " I don't know what I think, so Jesus if you are real... then reveal yourself to me.. because I do want to believe you are real." He doesn't want anyone to perish. When he reveals Himself to you, repent, tell him you are a sinner and want him to come into your heart and save you.. and mean it. You don't have to give anything up to be saved... He will do that work once you begin to follow Him. Let me tell you friend... it is quite a ride!!!


shannonmichaelis said...

Happy late birthday!

Sue said...

happy late birthday wish Dee. I hope your butt is feeling better.

vlad said...

Happy Birthday!!
I bought a Serfas bike seat and now experience much less pressure and discomfort when riding.
The bike shop on Tulane outside the loop can get one for you.

Dee said...

I had a much bigger seat on this bike. I got made fun of too much. I think that unless you ride regularly any seat will bother your rear until you condition yourself for it. Thanks for checking in on me Vlad. I did tell you that I retired didn't I?

vlad said...
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vlad said...

You told me that you would retire.
I was, and still am, angry that those you perhaps had considered to be friends snickered, guffawed, giggled so hard they broke wind and loudly brayed their amused contempt at your large bicycle seat.
Had that been my bicycle seat I would have explained that I trust my own judgement. I chose that bicycle seat. I would have invited them to pack sand tight and deep.
You are one of the nicest ladies I ever met. Please
do have confidence in your own judgement. You do not need enemies who smile sweetly and exult that their remarks hurt you.
Do I practice what I preach? I was friends with a man since 1955. 1986 his wife chose to make cutting contemptuous remarks. I did not respond to her. I told him do not ever bring his wife to my home again. I promised to never visit his home again while she lives. I do believe that she chose to be insulted. He and I are no longer close. O well.