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Sunday, March 21, 2010


So just a couple of days ago at the so-called end of winter it was in the 80's here in the deep east Texas pineywoods. Actually this past week the walking weather was perfect..not too hot... not too cold..not too still...not too windy! I mean absolutely perfect. So that is what I did-walked and walked. I think I ended up going 4 days this week. I might have even gone 5. I know for sure I went 3 miles on two days and 5 miles on two days. So I know I got in at least 16 miles. I did not make any of my workout videos. My dh is now convinced that he needs to do P90X because some of his friends are having so much success with it. What does that mean? Was I a failure at it? I did it for 70 days. I worked hard on it even though it took me longer... about 120 days or so to do the 70 days. Is that why I held no credibility with him? I worked hard... sweating, hurting, pushing play, pushing pause, plugging along, but finishing each session. I was so diligent those 70 days. No, I did not do 90 days in 90 days. But I have to say that I was still not a failure. Because I feel like doing any exercise makes me a winner. And I will just say just because I have not been so focused on my execise routine the last few months does not mean that I ever gave it up. So anyone reading this... keep going. Jump in where you are. Dh says he is going to begin using my DVD's. I hope he does. I hope he beats me at it. I hope he does not give up. I hope he makes it the entire 90 days. I hope he feels what I felt when I was doing it. Maybe I will get started back with it. I had been thinking about it anyway. I go back and forth with my eating. My biggest problem is still the fiber- not enough fruits and vegetables. I am going to continue to work on that.. along with drinking plenty of water. Tonight I did get lots of fiber though but it was in the form of whole grains. I had eaten breakfast out with a friend yesterday and we had the multi-grain pancakes. I wanted to duplicate these for my husband, so I went to I found a recipe that resembled these. I did make some alterations. I used my freshly milled whole wheat, I used yogurt instead of buttermilk because I did not have any bm, I used brown sugar instead of white, and I used applesauce instead of oil. In this recipe it also calls for oatmeal and walnuts. I ground both of those in my food processor. OMG.. they were absolutely delicious. I had one great big one without any butter and a small amount of syrup. DH had three with lots of butter and syrup. What an inexpensive and healthy meal despite the high carbohydrates. It made so much batter, I think I will cook some in the morning and then freeze them for a quick breakfast or snack. Oh.. but back to the weather.. yesterday was the first day of spring.. and today the temperature was in the 30's with snow! Yes, snowing today in east Texas. No walking for me today. I have enjoyed the day staying warm and eating pancakes!


Mrs. Mac said...

So just what is a P90x ... some type of exercise routine? The pancakes you made sound delish. Snow, really ... in East Texas?:)

Dee said...

Hey Mrs. Mac,
If you will go back to about the middle or so of July you will see my journey with P90X. It explains it day by day. This is an intense six day a week exercise program that uses dumbbells, bands or chinup bar, and your body weight. You work out with weights and alternate days with different cardio routines- it has several DVD's and they last about an hour each. They were having infomercials about it, but I have not seen them recently. It truly is a great workout program. What are you doing to keep active? By the way, you like alot of the same things that I do. Sounds like you are a busy woman!!!

慧玲 said...
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Blogger X said...

Good post. I think you're right, even though it took you 120 days to do 70 days, at least you were doing something.

When I was doing P90X, it was more about changing who I was and all the bad habits I had learned. Happy to say it helped me lose 60 pounds, quickly and helped to teach me some incredible lessons.

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