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Saturday, January 15, 2011


So Monday I took a break from my bathroom remodel job and got to work to make these aprons for my sister and my two nieces. I had planned on giving these to them as an extra gift for Christmas. But I had that relapse of bronchitis before Christmas and that hampered me from getting everything done. So I love love love these fabrics! Of course I love designer fabrics. I forgot the name of this fabric line, but it came from Hobby Lobby. I am just crazy now about contemporary fabrics, and these coordinating fabrics looks so cute together. I bought the fabric thinking I was just going to make my own apron from out of my head. But I found this Amy Butler pattern at a local quilt shop. I love this designer! Check out her website and see some of her bags and apparel. She is sooooo talented. I made the first apron all the way through. After I knew exactly how to do it and the steps to take, I made the other two assembly line style. Hope this inspires you to dust off that sewing machine and do something creative!


Jen said...

did you know that I am an apron addict? Yes, I collect them and I have quite a few...but those are just precious! I'm partial to the full aprons just because they protect my shirt when I'm making something messy...but those half aprons are ADORABLE!!!
Ps. I could use your Godly and wise advise if you have time to go read my latest post. I'm struggling...
Love you Dee!

Anonymous said...

I posted your cute aprons on our website it out.