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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Final Photos of Bathroom Redo

The part of the bath that opens to the hallway.
You can see the wall art on the adjacent wall. I hung the valances too high. They need to come down about 1 1/2 inches.

Here is where I made my boo-boo. The side panels are mirror images of each other. This valance was to be just like the other valance. I messed up and did two of the sides just alike( DUH); therefore, I had to cut them off to get them right, so I added this paisley since I bought them together. I originally painted this mirror from brass-looking to silver to match the newly painted light fixtures. I did not like this, so I repainted it white.

Here is a close-up of the fabrics. I got a fantastic deal on the two fabrics for the valances- only $11.90. If they had been $50, I think I still would have bought them. But what a deal I got!! They look so good up against the dark wood, and the gold walls.

Here is the chocolate brown shower curtain.
So I am finally finished with this project.... A project that I thought would take about 4 days turned into 3 weeks. I did not work every single day of those three weeks. I would have gone absolutely crazy if I did. However; this was a very BIG project. My friend and neighbor helped me the last two days do the touch-up painting. She is a much better painter than me. Her husband came and helped us rehang the doors. That bathroom had 4 doors! One I did not have to remove, and one of them I was able to put back on myself. But the last two would not fit. He had to remove the screws on the brackets to give the door more mobility and make it fit. Now, I never would have thought of that!! He also helped me drill the holes for the boards for the valances. I did get them too high, and I hope that either he or my OWN dh will assist me in moving them down a little. All in all, I am pleased with this bathroom remodel. My ds needs to have the kitchen updated also.. but I just do not know when I will be up to that.
Right now there is a bunch of sewing projects that I want to do. I do love learning new things. It sure does stretch a person, and can also get quite unnerving!! Now is the time for me to get myself back to my healthy eating and exercise program. I have used this project for an excuse for TOO long!!

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Casey said...

I love the bathroom!! I need you to help me with some curtains!