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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year

Gosh... it's a new year! And this past year... has simply flown by!! I have now officially been retired for over a year. Yes, I cannot believe it. I have people all the time asking me how I like retirement. Let me just say, it is good, and it is bad. I like it because there is nothing pending that I have to take care of and I can choose to plan my days with no thought of having to plan them around work. But.. I have done what so many others do, and that is I am not as disciplined on many things because I know there is no rush to get things done.
Now, don't get me wrong... I am no slouch. I have done lots and lots of projects. And oh my gosh.. I have so many projects that I want to do. Right now I am in the biggest one I have had in awhile. For a Christmas gift, I am giving my oldest son a bathroom uplift. And this has become much more than I thought. I paid a carpenter to mud and texture the sheetrock above the beaded board paneling. And then I thought I would have the room painted in 4 days. I am painting the beaded board with oil base paint so it is taking awhile to let it dry between coats. And the beaded board was a dark color and is now white. It is taking lots of paint to cover over this paneling. The paint on the sheetrock went very fast. Also, I thought I would not be messy with the paint and did not have the floor covered. Can you say STUPID!!!
I spent all morning today just trying to remove paint off the floor. I am still not finished with the painting. I also stained the cabinets a darker color. This really turned out good. The contrast with the white beaded board, the gold/khaki walls, and the dark cabinets looks good. But I am not a good painter. It is just not looking perfect enough for me. And my arthritis is bothering me so bad that I cannot hold up but to about 4-5 hours a day. I now have about 30 hours invested in this room. I will post photos at another time- when I finish.. whenever that will be!!
I am really wanting to get to some of my sewing projects. I had started making my youngest son a tee shirt quilt. I was lacking one tee shirt. So, I stopped on this and have not returned to it because Christmas came along. I have found the cutest books for making little girls boutique dresses, skirts, and pants.
So back to the new year. Here it is January 5th, and I have only walked one day this year- January 1. I am also planning a major declutter of my house. Less is best!! I need to learn how to sell stuff on ebay. I think I might enjoy doing that more than having a booth at the antique mall. I think I might just make some plans and try to divide them up by the month on what I hope to accomplish this year. Do you think that will keep me more organized? I did have a great gardening year this past year. Lots and lots of salsa and rotel tomatoes, and pickled items, and jams.
I think I also need to make blogging one of my goals this year. Since it is called " Daily with Dee", by gosh, I need to blog whether I have anything to say or not. Right? I love reading blogs, but I have had to limit myself doing this. I could stay on the computer for hours!
Well of course another goal is to lose weight, but there again, that can be so frustrating! Dh and I have been doing the same eating program for about 2 weeks. I have lost 3-5 lbs, and he has lost 17!! What the heck??? Don't get me wrong, I am so thrilled for him- mainly that he is not just losing weight but eating like the doctor told him. But gosh... it is not helping me!!
So here's hoping that the new year will bring lots of happiness to all of you!

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