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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finished... well .... almost

So here is the photo of the wall art and the two fabrics that I got on sale in the remnant stack for only $11. I chose to use the stripe and not the paisley.

Here is the tub/shower combination that shows the newly textured sheetrock over previous wallpaper. The beaded board was stained. After multiple coats of white oil base paint and caulking, it looks great.

Here is a view of the part of the bath that opens from the hallway. I spray painted the light fixture, and used a mirror that my son had somewhere else. You cannot see the cabinet very well, but I stained it a darker color. The contrast of the dark cabinet and white beaded board had a nice touch.

So I am almost finished with the bathroom redo. The job I thought would take me 4 days turned into 3 weeks. Of course that was not working every single day though. I have had interruptions as well as just needed a break from the work and breathing the paint fumes. I have a friend who helped me the last two days do the finish work. We did the touchup painting, repainted the mirror again(not the one shown in the photos), hung the outlet covers, the towel racks, the toilet paper holders, the shower curtain, the wall art....whew... and got the brackets mounted for the valances. We even got my friend's husband to help out. For the life of us we could not get the doors back on the door frames. This bathroom has 4 doors and everyone thought I got them mixed up. But I knew I didn't. I do not know why they would not fit, but my friend's husband had to loosen the screws on the brackets to get the doors to slip into the door jams. He also drilled the holes to mount my "L" brackets on the wall that will be holding the boards that my valances are attached to. But after looking at them, I see I got them too high. I will have to get either my friend's husband or gosh... my own husband who does not like doing handiwork to come and redo them. So besides that the only other thing will be cleaning the paint off the floor that I stupidly let get there!! But today... I am not going over there. I am blogging, cooking some homemade stew, and about to go lie down and read a book.

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