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Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh...Oh... Ouch...Oh

Yes, those are my sentiments today. I had that great workout yesterday. I did the leg routine so well... did all the wall squats, the Groucho walk, the lunges on the toes... did them all!!! Boy was I hot. I was on a roll. Yes, I needed that long rest. And I was gungho to do the Kenpo today. Then I got or should I say crawled out of bed. I can barely walk. Each step has been painful. To sit down is a chore. I am moaning as I start to get in a squat position.. be it in a chair or on the commode!! My quads hurt. My calves hurt. My hamstrings hurt. No working out for me today. I hope that I can do it tomorrow. It is like it has been YEARS since I worked out. I guess this is just what happens when you get old. And I got on the scales today...oh how I want to get into the lower decade on the scales from what I have been. Still cannot get to that "9", but still on that "0". Still only lost those 8 lbs since June 1. Well, I will continue on. I am not working hard enough on it, but surprisingly, I have not been that hungry. Okay, tomorrow I will try again.

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Jen said...

Sorry Dee, I'm giggling at your "sentiments"...but only because I can TOTALLY relate! That is usually how my hubby and I feel after doing Plyometrics after a long break! As a matter of fact, if we've been out of the routine for a while and we get back in...he won't even do the whole plyo video because he knows he won't be able to walk or sit the next day and with his job--he HAS to be able to move. (He climbs electric poles every day!)
I'm impressed that you did it ALL. Those wall squats are killer...but I love them!
Great job!