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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 36-P90X- Chest and Back

Gosh, I had a hard time going to sleep last night. I even ordered a book I saw endorsed on Good Morning America (I think) entitled I Can Help You Sleep. I don't know how to underline on this computer. Anyway I went to sleep around 11:30, alarm went off at 5:15, actually got up at 5:30, began workout at 5:45. I did quite well all through the workout. I have continued to do the bands for the back. I usually do 15 floor pushups and 10 from the knee the first round, and then switch 10/15 on the second round. I could not do the second round of decline pushups or the dive bombers. I was almost nauseated doing the dive bombers. But all in all, I did fine.

For those of you reading this blog and wondering about Jen who posts all the encouraging comments to me- Jen and I have never met. She is my coach that I got from Beach Body. I found her off her blog which I found surfing about P90X users. She and her husband have done more than one round of P90X and are now doing the Insanity program from Beachbody. She has been a great asset to me as I continue this journey of P90X. She is available to be others' coach too. I will post later her blog address and how to find her on Beachbody, or you can do it on a comment Jen. Right now I have to get out the door and get to work. Hope all of you are doing something today to get moving!!!


Rich said...

I'm more than impressed with your accomplishments. I'm on day 30 which means I'm a third done of this initial round. I'll see you at the top. Nice work.
p90x workout

Jen said...

Deeeee!!! Thank you for the sweet shout out! What a pleasant surprise to stumble upon!
Sure I'll post my info for anyone who is intereted! It's
or my e-mail is

I am always looking for another person to encourage and cheer on!

One of these days, we really will have to meet up! TX isn't THAT far from OK! :o)