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Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 23, 24. 25. 26. 27. and 28- P90X

Okay, I am going to skip these days because they were my recovery week, and I did none of these days. But during this entire week, I have been moving my mother to her independent living facility. I have gone up and down stairs. I have lifted boxes. I have moved boxes. I have done lots of bending, reaching, and twisting. I have to get back on track, so I just made the decision to skip these days. I will now be in the second month of P90-X. I am sure I am not getting the results that I should with the program, but I am going to jump back on Day 29. I am thinking when I complete the P90X anyway, that I will start over and begin it again. So it really does not matter to me. With my lifestyle the way it is right now, I just have to adjust the best way I can. It has been quite a physically exhaustive experience cleaning out a lifetime of household goods. I have cleaned out an attic as well as several large closets. My mother made many decisions on what she could take and what she had to get rid of. Then I am going through things... knowing that we need to keep some of this stuff- it has been in the family so long. And then being realistic with the fact that I only have so much room at my house. So along with the physical work is the mental exhaustion combined with the emotional part of knowing you won't be going back to that house. Change.. change... change... it can be emotionally draining. I think that all of this- the physical, mental, and emotional aspect of this move has been what has kept me away from P90X. Each day I have just been too tired to even think about doing it. But today... I plan to go at it. I will report back later.

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Jen said...

Hey Dee! I've been missing you! sounds like you have been keeping QUITE busy! You are a trooper! I'm impressed with your determination! Many people would have just completetly stopped the P90X program with all that's going on in your life right now..but you are doing exactly what you should. Your life comes first (and your mother) and what needs to be done there...and like you said, you are getting a work out in by lifting/moving boxes...but the KEY is to jump right back in when your schedule allows. I liked how you said you'll probably just begin the program over it doesn't really matter. That's how I do it too...even if I don't follow it exactly perfectly, I know that this is a lifestyle and not just a 90-day I just have to give and take some as I go. You're doing great!
I hope your mom adjusts comfortably to her new living environment!