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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still Here

Yes... I am still here. But P90X.... well, I feel so guilty I have had to put it on hold. But to keep my sanity and not become totally worn out, I have postponed my workout for now. This move has consumed me for the last month. First it was moving all my mother's clothes, lamps, and paintings, along with all her kitchen items. Then the movers came. Then it was dispensing all the furniture and some household goods to family. Then it was getting every drawer, cabinet, closet, shelf cleared out from inside upstairs and downstairs, outside from the patio, garage, and courtyard. Getting the house cleaned, and then all the left overs to friends and Goodwill. Helping family members get their stuff moved. Moving all the plants. I had someone remark to me a couple of days ago, "are you still doing P90X?" to which I replied, " well, I have been moving my mother to another place." And they said, " Gosh, it sure seems like it is taking you a long time to do that." There are only so many hours in a day to do everything you need to do, and only so much energy that this 55 year old grammy has! But I can say now that I am almost done. I have a dining room table and chairs at the house that I had tried to sell that will need to be moved, and a terra cotta planter that I am bringing home that is too heavy for me to lift. Everything else is done. In fact we are moving up the closing date to this Friday instead of the following Thursday. But there is alot of mental stress with all of this. My mother is leaving this house of 22 years. This is the only house my kids remember of their grandparents. I finished up inside the house today, and I walked back in the master bath. I thought of all the times I have come into that bathroom and used that shower or tub or vanity to put my makeup on. Remember I live out in the country so I would come after my workout and cleanup at my parents' house. I walked into the master bedroom and thought about the last time I had seen my father in that bedroom. He died in that bedroom with me being the only one in the room. I walked upstairs and thought about staying in that bedroom so many times when I stayed the night at their house. And I just thought about my very vibrant active parents that moved into that brand new house on the golf course and all the company they entertained and all the fun times they had. It made me sad that that time is over. That soon... before I know it... I will be making that same transition. But I want to be like my mother, and not look back, and just move forward to this new stage of life. P90X? Yes, I plan on getting back as soon as I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally ready. Maybe tomorrow!!!!


juanellvansau said...

You go girl!!! I wish I had it in me, to do all you do.

Jen said...

This made me tear-up Dee. Reliving your memories with you. That is how it will be if we or my parents ever move from the houses we are living in now. We live next-door to each other (my mom and me) and this is where my kids are growing up. My daughter was 4 when we moved here and my son was 1, so it is very likely that THIS will be the place they see in their minds when they think of their childhood--as well as my parent's house where they spend a significant amount of their time. I already think of watching my grandma die in their house just last September. I can hardly walk into that bedroom without seeing here there in that bed, on her way "out" to be with her Heavenly Father. We just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of her home-going and it was bittersweet. My mom, I don't know how she deals with it. Her mom (my grandma) LIVED with to say they were close is an understatement. They were each others everything. I know this past year has been very hard for her to cope with.
Oh did I get here...? I let my mind ramble and take me wherever it wanted, I guess! :)
Anyway, I'm sorry that someone commented to you that "it sure is taking you a long time to do that" talking about P90X. You take all the time you need! In my book, you are a living superhero! Look at what all you can do!? I just PRAY that I'll be as heathly, happy and helpFUL as you are at 55. You are my ultimate inspiration!