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Monday, September 8, 2008

Fussed At

Well, I have recently been fussed at by a few of my blogging friends. They have fussed at me for not posting on my blog. Sometimes I think that my life is just too boring, or my workouts are too lame compared to others, or my daily events are just nothing to write about. I read what many of these triathletes are doing, and I feel so inadequate. And I do have lots more time than the average person. But it still seems I am never getting it all done. Like I don't cook like I used to, I don't clean house like I used to, I have not been doing my Bible study lately, my service to others is lacking, travel...what's that, shopping... I hate to shop. And I am not working out for hours a day like the posts I read of others. So, I need to reevaluate, and figure out what I am doing wrong. I have read more than one blog lately where the person posting is remarking about spending too much time on the computer. Hmmmm...... yeah, I know what they mean. Staying on the computer can certainly become addicting. But since my computer has been running so slow lately, I don't find myself getting on quite as often or as long.

But about my workout this last week. I think that I only did 4 workouts this week. Last Sunday was biking, Monday was biking, FF on Wednesday, and FF on Friday. And Tues, Thurs, and Sat was nothing. This Sunday was nothing and today was swimming and FF. This last week and weekend has not been a normal week. My father-in-law broke his hip and had surgery on Friday, my sister came to visit and I picked her at the airport on Sunday, my daughter was here this weekend and left today, and my sister-in-law has also been here. We all got together tonight and I did actually cook. Tomorrow is a workday for me. I might go for a run in the morning (before work) since this is what I need to concentrate on most. I have still not signed up for a tri, but when I do, I will be kungho and committed.

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Ellie Hamilton said...

Hey, girl.... 4 workouts in a week like that are nothing to sneeze at.

I could have written your post. I feel I have nothing to write about... can't equal what others are doing in their lives.

But yes, in answer to your question on my blog.... I am going to return to posting. I just have to find the time :-)