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Monday, September 22, 2008

An Old Woman

I am really feeling like an old woman!! I missed my exercise class, bike riding, running for 10 days. I have been busy cleaning my yard from Hurricane Ike as well as cleaning out closets, etc in the house. I am still having the heel pain and cannot be on my feet for too long without it hurting. I am at this very moment icing my sore heel. Now today to top it off, during my FF class, I strained a muscle right below my scapula. I now have a pain in my upper back. I am ready to be done with this pain and get back to my regular exercise program. It is amazing that you only lose a half a pound a week, but you can gain back 4 in two weeks. I must get back on track. I praised and praised Spark people, and this past month, I got off track from writing down all of my food intake. And for me that is disaster. It is like it does not count if I don't write it down. You know just like it does not count unless you put it on a plate... yeah right.... and the pounds come back!! I have certainly not been a good role model recently. So, it is back to being disciplined and doing what is good for the body.

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Ellie Hamilton said...

It also doesn't count if no one sees you eat it :-)

I'm sorry you're having such a discouraging time with injury, exercise, weight, feeling stalled on your goals.... I can sure relate. I'm slowly climbing back, though, and you will, too.