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Monday, September 29, 2008

My Visit to the Podiatrist

My visit to the podiatrist turned out to be different than I anticipated. Of course while I was waiting in the reception area, I busied myself with sudoku. I love to do sudoku. While I waited, I sat listening to an older woman complain and complain about every item as she completed the new patient form. I wanted to tell her that she was one of the biggest complainers I had ever listened to. Then came my turn. After examining my foot with his pressure, and then positioning my orthotic to my foot, the doctor reached his conclusion. I had lots of inflammation in that area where the plantar tendon connects to the heel. I thought he would repeat what I had been told over the telephone... ice the foot with a bottle of frozen water rolling it across the bottom of my foot, restrict my aerobic exercise, and wear my othotics. I was quite surprised when he mentioned cortisone injection. Yikes.... uh oh.... what did I say about the lady in the waiting room and her complaining? Hmm..... it was now my turn to suck it up, and be brave. You see... I absolutely hate shots. It did not give me alot of comfort for the assistant to tell me that it would hurt. And that some people hated the freezing spray worse than the shot. OOOOOOOOOOOOO.........( rhymes with boo). "Okay", I said, " Could you hand me a Kleenex?" Well, not to worry.. it was not as bad as I thought. Mind you now... it was not a piece of cake either. It hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did let out a little "ouch", but there was no screaming, no tears, no cussing or yelling, and no threats made to the doctor. Tonight I plan to do the ice routine. The pain from the plantar faciitis should be better tomorrow from the cortisone injection. I hope it works because if not, we might have to consider surgery.

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