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Monday, September 29, 2008

Estate Auction

Saturday's plans were to either go swimming or go for a bike ride. A friend called to tell me about an estate auction that would be held on Saturday morning. I misunderstood the time of the auction. I decided to forego my exercise plans and attend the auction instead. You see, I knew this dear lady who recently passed away. She was my junior high typing teacher. I am a fairly good and fast typist due to this dear lady. She also was the epitome of a graceful Christian lady. She always looked like she had stepped out of a magazine- beautiful clothes, perfect hair and makeup and a beautiful smile on her face. She spoke with a soft voice, had a great sense of humor, and was a great friend to many. But her most important attribute was that she loved her Lord and she displayed the model of a Christian lady. When I have attended estate sales in the past, I have been sad perusing through the departed's "things". But on Saturday, I did not feel this way. I was happy to be there to try not only to get some valuable "thing", but to have a momento from this dear lady. I had been to an auction before...probably about 20 years ago. I was not skilled in knowing all the protocol involved, but I soon was right in there bidding and feeling like I knew what I was doing. It was funny because the first box of goods that I got with the highest bid made me feel like I had "won". A friend told me that it has been said that if you want to have a successful auction you do it in Texas. Texans will bid higher for items to "win". I felt like saying "Bingo", or like I had won at the casino when I was the high bidder and the receiver of the item. Anyway... I ended up staying almost all day long. I saw people of my community that I don't see often. It was nice weather and I just felt close to this woman as I walked through her house and saw how she lived her life. I purchased a canister set for my son, and inside was her handwritten recipe for cornbread. It was a fun and memorable day for me.

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I plan to rewrite the last posting breaking it into several parts. It's a bit too long and compact.

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