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Saturday, October 4, 2008


People that know me know that sometimes I can ramble. People that know me know that sometimes I can say something quite profound. Sometimes it is just a thought that I absolutely know that comes from God Himself. That being because I am not so smart to come up with alot of profound ideas. And yet... sometimes I can say a thought that does not necessarily come from God but just from my own experiences, circumstances, etc. So that being explained, here is my rambling for the day. I am finding out more and more that people really do not care what I have to say or what I think or how I feel...... unless.... they ask me. I need to learn to just keep my mouth shut and not offer what I think or give my opinion... unless they say, " And what do you think of this?" Or... " And how do you feel about this?" Then it is still a toss-up if they really do want to know. Somehow I just need to remind myself of this. Here is an example.. in my exercise class my trainer was talking about the three aspects of physical health- diet, aerobics, and strength training. Class had finished and there were only three members plus the instructor. Somehow I thought it my "duty" to just add one small minute comment that took all of 3 seconds for me to say. I just added, " Fitness comes with aerobics and strength training, but weight loss depends on diet." Say that aloud. How long did it take for you to say that? Yet another member of the class thought it was necessary for me to know that they did not want to hear what I said, but let the instructor talk. Oh, it was not said totally rude, but the message was clear. "I do not want to hear what you say so shut up." I know just how they feel. I have thought the same thing before at a weight watchers meeting. Only it was comment upon comment by someone who I did not really want to hear what they thought. But oh.... I am so thankful that I do not have to regret saying something rude to that person. No, my feelings are not hurt. She was right. Alot of times no one really cares what someone else is thinking. So.... I am vowing to keep my opinions and ideas to myself, unless I am asked. Those of you that know me... well.... I have a big task ahead of me.


Ellie Hamilton said...

OK, Dee... let's work on this one together! I'm in it with you.

I notice sometimes I'm trying to say something and the other people won't let me "in." It's like I'm not there. I think it's more likely they don't have an interest in what I'm saying. Not b/c I'm not important to them (although maybe I'm not) but b/c they have their own thoughts and don't need mine.

Very good post. Very good plan. I'm going to work on it too!

nancydmsw said...

Dee, I am with you on this but I think there are still some really rude people in the world!!! I Love you and I love talking to you. Nancy

linda malnar said...

Hey Dee - don't let it bother you too much -- THEY WERE RUDE. They probably are losing the weight they wanted to cause they are NOT watching their diet.

~Mary~ said...

That person was rude and although that person wasn't wanting to listen did not mean the others standing there had the same opinion as that person.