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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Connecticut and Delaware

Today we are praying for the states of Connecticut and Delaware. I have never been to either of these states. I had a great aunt and uncle that lived in Connecticut. He was a caretaker for a person of wealth in this state. He was German and my aunt was Swedish. My maternal grandparents were both Swedish immigrants who met at Ellis Island. But back to prayer- I am praying today for these leaders of these two states- the Governors all the way down to the city councilmen. I am praying for the citizens as well so seek God's wisdom in the decisions they are faced with each day. And let's face it... we are faced with decisions each day when we can choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing. What is the wrong thing? The thing that would displease God? We are faced with temptation to benefit ourselves or to receive pleasure. We are faced with temptations to explode on people because we don't like what they did or said. But today is the day I have set aside not only to pray for people I know, but to pray for the leaders, citizens and churches in Connecticut and Delaware.

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