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Monday, October 6, 2008

Praying for Our Nation

For 30 days beginning yesterday, our church along with many other churches have begun specifically to pray for our nation. We are praying for people to seek the Lord's wisdom. For those of us that are Christians, we are praying that the Holy Spirit direct us when we go to the polls. We are praying that our churches will be a shining light in this world. That we will be the salt in the world. We are praying that a revival will come forth among believers. And we are praying for an awakening- this being that lost souls will come to know the One and Only God Jehovah. During these 30 days we are praying specifically for individual states. Yesterday we prayed for the President and the Vice-President. Today we are praying for Alaska and Alabama. So any of you believers reading this are invited to join collectively with many of us around this nation and pray today for Alabama and Alaska. I will post each day on the states we are praying for. My desire is to follow God. My desire is stand with Him on what He believes. My desire is to please Him in all that I do. And yes... this is quite a struggle for me. Because you see... I am like most other earthly beings.... I am constantly at working pleasing myself... doing what feels good to ME.. putting myself first... so yes.. this is not something that comes naturally, but only by God changing my heart, my will, and my mind.

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