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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cool Fall Morning

I am loving this cool fall morning. The temperature is in the 40's, and it feels great. I have not turned my heat on in the house. I am preferring to sleep under a warm blanket, and then get up and put on windpants and a sweat shirt. I know my guys are looking forward to deer hunting this weekend with these cool temperatures. They never like it to be hot when they deer hunt. I love venison. My husband processes the deer himself, and mixes the ground meat with brisket fat. It is still lean meat, but has a great flavor. In fact, we still laugh about when my daughter was a young child and we had beef steak ( not deer backstrap ) for dinner on a rare occasion. After eating several bites, she said, " Momma, this meat tastes funny." Now I do not like straight ground venison. It has to be mixed with some beef fat. I love deer sausage and deer cutlets. I love knowing that these animals have eaten in the wild and have not been pinned up in a nasty processing plant and given some kind of inoculation. Yes, I do still eat beef, but my point is I do like venison. I do try to eat healthy, but I am just like the average American, and I love hamburgers and French fries. I have gotten back on my habit of eating oatmeal each morning. I plan to try to eat it 5 days a week, and then I can have something else like eggs or waffles on the weekend.

Today, I am again trying to catch up on some of my reading. I am still trying to finish the Daniel Bible study that I started 6 months ago. Also, I am reading some of my last month's World magazine. Are you familiar with this magazine? It is a news magazine much like Time or Newsweek, but it has a Christian worldview. I like the news in it, and I like the editorials. I get to learn about other defenders of the faith, books in review, movies in review, and what is going on across the world in regard to Christianity. You sure cannot read that anywhere else.

Yesterday I went to FF. We did alot of walking lunges, walking squats, lifting the medicine ball, extending the medicine ball, planking with one foot off the ground. This morning when I woke up, I had some sore muscles. I mean... it wasn't tremendously sore, but nevertheless, I did feel something. But I thought to myself, " Gosh, I am only a little sore. I remember when a workout like yesterday would have had me in agony when I tried to sit down." I need to do something today cardio-wise... a bike ride.... a swim.... a walk. Hmm.... I better get off this computer and get busy.

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