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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fitness Fusion

Today was a great day at Fitness Fusion. We did alot of cardio workout today which included holding dumbbells and doing lunges, squats, along with curls, hooks, shoulder lifts, tricep workout. Gosh... it was just a good overall workout. There was one member who was having a diffcult time with the workout. Normally, she is gungho and doing the workout with no problem. But today, she was moaning and complaining and she soon realized her problem. She was totally calorie-depleted. There are different schools of thought on this- eat before exercise, don't eat before exercise, eat protein, eat fruit. But what Xand suggested is protein with a small amount of fat. He suggested having around 300 calories before our workout. When we meet on Wednesday, we will see how our class member fairs and take note of what she had for breakfast. Since I am no longer doing the spin class, I have been sorta negligent on Tuesdays. Hmm..... what to do tomorrow? I may swim, or I may walk at the mall, or I may go to a local neighborhood and either walk or run, or I may just skip it. We shall see.

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