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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is it about?

What is this blog about? Well, I began with the focus of exercise for middle-age people. I wanted to diary some of the things I do and learn, and that has been the focus of this blog. Periodically I have thrown in things I think about or things I do, just stuff. But as of late this blog has turned somewhat to things that are not "stuff". I have listed the states along with other requests that I along with many others have been in prayer for. So what is prayer? The best way I describe it is me talking to God. Does God talk back? Well, I have never heard God speak to me in a voice that is audible. But that does not mean He could not do it. After all.... HE IS GOD!!! So how does God speak to me? Well, since I have His Holy Spirit dwelling in me, this is how He talks to me. As I read His word, He speaks to me. As I talk to other people, He uses them to speak to me. As I face different circumstances, He speaks to me. So I make no apologies regarding the direction of this blog. It is how God leads me that I write. And with that, I must say this- if you don't believe in any of this about God speaking to you, or if you don't believe that He is the one true God, or if you don't have a desire to know Him better, or if you don't really love Him.... then ask. Yes... ask God to speak to you. Begin today to pour your heart out to Him. Ask Him to give you the desire to know Him better, to love Him. And if you don't know Him and think " I don't believe in any of this God stuff," then I ask you to just say, " I don't believe in you, but I am asking anyway in all earnest if you are really real God, would you reveal yourself to me because I really do want to know that you are real?" See what happens.

I have to say that along with prayer does come change. And these last few weeks of fervent prayer have taken me on a journey. I am thankful to friends who along side of me have cried along with me for this nation. One of my friends "just happened" to stumble on a blog that has tremendous truth. I ask you to go and read this blog and read the post from this man entitled" I am not voting for a man." His blog is Now I must warn you... there are two videos on this blog. The first one will warm your heart. The second one.... well.... it will tear your heart right out of your chest. So I give you this warning ahead of time. You will not be the same after viewing this video. What have you thought about and how have you felt when you viewed the videos and photos of the Jews' Holocaust? Did you feel sick to your stomach? Then you have an idea of what I am describing. Before you vote, I ask you as my friend, my neighbor, my fellow countryman, my brother or sister in Christ to visit this blog. Don't stop reading until you have read it in its entirety.

I have neglected posting the states we have prayed for. Today is Vermont and Virginia. In days past, it was Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. Let's continue to pray for our President, Vice President, Senators, Representatives, and Judges. May they all seek the Almighty God in the decisions that affect all of us. May God have mercy on this nation if we continue this path away from Him.

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