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Friday, October 10, 2008

Exercise Accountability

Today when I woke up, I tossed around the idea of just skipping my fitness fusion class. I mean, I am not going full force with my routine like I have previously done. And I thought, what the heck, I have things to do here at home. But I said, "No, no, no!!!!!!!!! What are you doing here? Get yourself up and get moving." When I arrived at my class, there was only one other member present. I was about 3 minutes late. The trainer was going over some site specific exercises that this other member of the class wanted to target. He was all ready to get this small lesson and head to the house. Then I threw a kink into his plans by arriving. In a few short minutes another member straggled in. The early arrival was sunk. There was no backing out now because he would have been so scorned by the rest of us. After we had finished our class, he thanked me for coming to class, and thus prompting him to remain and suffer with us. Now I am not accountable to him, nor him to me. I cannot depend on him to make sure I am in class, nor vice-versa. This just reiterates the fact that exercise does require accountability, but to whom? We must ultimately be accountable to ourselves. Make up your mind and commit yourself to a plan. Hey... I am giving myself a pep talk. I know I need it. I know I will feel better after I do it. I know that my being there, it helps others to keep going. And hopefully, anyone reading this is also encouraged to keep on keeping on.

My foot is continuing to improve. I do hope to be doing more before too long. Right now there is no way you could say that I am training. But I am still being active, just not 100%. So don't stop what you are doing. Remember you are doing your body good.