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Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 38-P90X-Shoulders and Arms

Yea!!! Yesterday I got with it pretty early in the morning and did my shoulders and arms routine. And.. I discovered being in the second month that I really started things off wrong with the chest and back. I was supposed to do a different DVD. Oh well, since I started this week this way, I will continue it. I have still not been writing it down. But I am almost positive that I used more weight on my routine. Before I think the heaviest I did was 10 lbs., and yesterday I used 12 lbs. on some of the exercises. I did have to drop it down on the second round. I even had to use 5 lbs. on one of the exercises. I don't have a 6 or a 7. I go from 5lbs to 8lbs to 10lbs to 12lbs to 15lbs. And that is the highest I have. So, if I get so strong I need higher, then I will have to buy an 18. I was able to complete every exercise. Now, I could only do about 15 of the chair dips, and I had to rest after about 10. I think it was this routine where he gave us permission to quit or go on... or am I thinking of the wrong day. Well, I did not quit. I made it all the way through. But, I am still not doing the Ab Ripper X. And I need this sooooo bad. I need to make myself do this. Today my shoulders and triceps are a little sore, but not my biceps. I need to get in there right now and do my workout, but I am just not wanting to do it right now. I do continue to like P90X. I like Tony, I like the others in the class, I like the routine, I like doing a workout at home, I like that I can pause it to get a drink, or just take a break- you can't do that in a class- no one is going to wait on you. But what I don't like is it is too long. I wish the total workout was about 40-45 minutes instead of an hour. Well, almost an hour. But I am going to keep at it because I am almost half way there!!!

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Jen said...

I hear ya Dee! Those 54 and 58 minute workouts are just too long. Even if it was like 44 or 48 that would be (seem) better. At least then it would only be an hour total WITH ab ripper...but if we do the work out PLUS ab ripper...we're really spending a good hour and 15 minutes. Then you have to have a add anotherhalf hour. It's a big process, huh? Well, good for you for getting in there and doing it! I hope you found your motivation for your next workout!