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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 44-P90X-Plyometrics

What is it where sometimes things just get harder? I wanted to cry on parts where I am doing the plyometrics. Actually I did pretty well on it though. I just don't do some of the jumping. Mainly it is that jumping right after the ski pole moves.. you know left, center, right, center, left.... and then when you twirl 180 degrees. That makes me dizzy and nauteous. But I did most everything else-the jump squats, the run-stance squats, the airbourne heisman, the swing kicks, the squat reach jumps, the run stance squat pickups, the double Heisman, the circle run. Oh.. the jump tuck- I might have done just a few of these and then I just did leg lifts or something. I did the Mary Katherine lunges, the leapfrog squats, the twist combo. Forget the rock star hop- I for some reason have a hard time bringing my heels to my butt. It hurts my feet when I land. I did the gap jump, the squat jump.. and can I say Yea for the Military March.. I can kinda catch my breath when we are doing these low impact exercises. I did the run squat 180 degree jump switch, the lateral leapfrog (like I said before)and the monster truck tires. The hot foot hurt my foot so I did some other movement. And... I did the bonus round- the pitch and catch, the jump shot, and the football hero. Yessiree... I did get my heartrate up!!

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Jen said...

wow Dee, I'm impressed. I'm ashamed to say...but I OFTEN skip the bonus round. Some of those moves are complicated! Plus, I'm always trying to RUSH the clock! Anyway, you did great! I agree with you on the rock star hops...ouch!