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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 46-P90X- Legs and Back

Okay, I skipped the yoga. I might do it tomorrow or this weekend. I am supposed to follow legs and back with kenpo, but I skipped the yoga. I am still tweaking this workout. Today I got up early, and as usual did not want to do my workout. Gosh.. will I ever absolutely love getting up and moving? I need to change my attitude. I am so blessed to have arms and legs that move and a back that is not all worn out yet. I have a TV and a DVD player and air-conditioning to work out in. I really am so thankful to God that I can get up and move. So like I said, I need to change my attitude. My workout went pretty smoothe. I did all the moves. I even did those tiptoe lunges that hurt so bad. I did those bend over bows that go into a squat for so long. I did all the wall lunges.. and yes, they did burn. I have a habit of looking continuously at the clock meter on the right side of the DVD screen dwindling down. I am even saying to myself, " well, it says 29 minutes, but that really means only about 24 minutes because of the cooldown." Anything to put in my mind that the time is shorter than what it seems. I can even memorize now what Tony is going to say sometimes. Like, "We tried to hire some professionals.... COULDN'T DO IT!!!!" Do any of you that do P90X anticipate some of Tony's little sayings? So my legs got a great workout. Somehow I need stronger bands or I am going to have to get the chinup bar. Right now I just increase the repetitions. I am doing 25 of althe back exercises. You know when Tony does the soup stirring and he asks everyone in the workout video what kind of soup they are having and he tells what he is having. Well, on the leg and back workout he says tomato basil. I was thinking to myself how good tomato basil soup would be. So that brings me to the rest of the day. I have a couple of friends who own a tearoom. Today they catered the breast cancer luncheon. There were almost 700 guests, and my friends get their friends as the extra help to serve tables. And when all the guests have been served and we are in the back waiting for them to finish so we can do the cleanup, we get to eat. And guess what we had.... tomato basil soup!! Delicious. I even got some to take home, and I had it for dinner tonight. We had some delicious chicken salad (not low fat) and a broccoli salad. And after that leg workout and standing on my feet for about 6 hours, I was pooped. Actually, my legs and feet hurt, and I had to take some Advil. And you know what I just realized. I think when I first started P90X, I was listing all my food intake. And yes, I was so much more accountable. So I am thinking I definitely need to go back to that. Okay, I have a busy weekend. It is dd's 10 year class reunion. And that means that I will be keeping my little almost 8 month old grandbaby. I have a funeral tomorrow. Life is busy and that makes it harder to squeeze that exercise in, but you gotta do. Or as Tony says, "Bring it!"


p90xer said...

I totally mimick what Tony say's ( I hate it...but I Love it! LOL) I also subtract the cool down time from the actual workout, too funny! Great work on Legs & Back, one of my least favorite routines. I HATE wall squats!!!

Jen said...

Funny...i LOVE LOVE LOVE the wall squats. I mean...they hurt...but I like the "rest" from jumping or standing. I use them quite a bit at the gym in my fitness classes. I have gotten so tired of listening to Tony's little chit-chat that I now play the DVD without his talking..just the cues. I like it better and I can play my own music in the background if I want. I used to LOVE hearing all Tony's chatter...but after 3 rounds of the get sick of the same old stuff. :o)

Jen said...

And yes..Dee. You should consider ordering the stronger resistance bands. Having a strong back is so important and if you are able to do 25 reps on all the back's time to move up to either more difficult bands or the chin up bar (which I am a HUUUUUGEE fan of). Nothing beats chin ups (even if you use a chair for assistance) for back work-in my opinion.