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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 48-P90X-Kenpo & Day 49-P90X- Rest

Okay, first let me say that I did not do my Kenpo yesterday like I had planned. I woke up too late and did not have time. But I did do my Ab Ripper X before work. Gosh.. it is so hard. And when we are supposed to be climbing up our leg.. well I make two grabs, and I am still not reaching my foot. And then I got home, and I so intended to immediately do the Kenpo X. But I got sidetracked. You see I am about to attend my sorority reunion. I have not seen some of these women in 35+ years. We are going to the alumni meeting, then a sorority reception, then meeting at one of the member's homes that evening. That is on Saturday, but I am going tomorrow because I had a dental meeting I need to attend to earn my continuing education credits. But I was on the computer emailing back and forth to these gals, and just ran out of time. I know that is NO excuse. Same ole problem... if I don't work out early in the a.m., then I usually miss my workout.

So back to Kenpo X. I did awesome today. I guess that rest or the guilt or something made me work harder. This time I did not FF the break. I did the running, the jumping rope, the jumping jacks and........tada.... the X jumps!!!! Yes, every time they did them, I did them too! yea me!!! And my face was beet red when I finished. I don't have a working heart rate monitor. I don't know if it broke or the batteries went dead. I want one without the band across your chest. Don't they make those?? So I went ahead and included the rest day because tomorrow I am leaving town at 6:00 a.m. I will be getting up around 5:00 as it is, so no work out for me tomorrow. The dental meeting lasts until about 4:00 p.m. And I am meeting some of the sisters tomorrow night at 6:30. I will be going to my friend's house to spend the night tomorrow night.. she lives outside of town, so I will find her house between 4 and 6. I am going to take my laptop so maybe I can get a workout in the a.m. on Saturday. Maybe just do Ab ripper X. I will have to see... because I do want to visit with my friend (who is not part of the sorority festivities) too. I gotta say that after this workout, I felt so good. I was totally energized.

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Jen said...

YAY Dee! I know that feeling when you do a really good, hard, all-the-way work out and you feel so accomplished and Strong afterwards! Good for you! Since I am writing this comment on Monday, I hope you had a FABUOLOUS time with your sorority sisters this weekend and with your other friend too!! If you didn't get a work out in...NO BIGGIE! Just jump back on the wagon today my friend! You are doing great! Have you changed up your eating and seen any difference in your weight?