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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 43-P90X- Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

So I just finished doing this workout. And I have to say that I was near tears while I was doing this. Seriously.. there were times when I said out loud, "ohhh....ooooo... oh gosh... ohhhhh." I also was thinking that I could not do this, but I never actually said it out loud. As I sit here typing this right now, my arms and chest are quivering and shaking and twitching. And so how did I do? Not good. I was just complaining to dh that I could not do a one-handed pushup and he said, " why would you want to do one of those anyway?" Now that is not a young woman on that video doing all of these, but dang... she did them well!! I want to do them at least as good as her. I had to do most of the pushups from my knees. I will say that I wanted to quit, but I pushed through and attempted every single one, except for the clapping. I knew I could not do that and would fall right on my face. I did try to do the one hand pushup. I would just put more weight on one arm and then switch and put more weight on the other arm. And then on all the exercises I could not do, I just did regular pushups from the knees. I used either 5 lb or 8 lb weights. I mainly did the shoulders with the 5 lb weights, sometimes 8 lbs, and all of the triceps with the 8 lbs. I pushed myself where I absolutely positively could not get another repetition done. So I have started week 3 of phase 2, and I am almost half way through P90X. And my weight... I don't get it... I have gained!! Yes, not stayed the same, but gained!!! argh!!! However, I can tell by my clothes that my waistline is actually smaller. I still have this big huge innertube around my middle. Someone tell me the best way to get rid of this belly fat!!!!!! Okay Coach Jen.. I need help!!!!!!!!

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Jen said...

Ohhh Dee. What I have to say you are NOT going to like. It's the SAME exact problem I have and the same thing I don't want to "hear."
It's got to be the eating!
There, I said it.
You're a trooper at the work outs so it can't be that. (just like me)
This is what I think happens to people sometimes when they start exercising regularly and then GAIN weight. When we're not working out, we are watching our diet because we know we are going to gain if we don't. Then we start a program like P90X and think that we have some "lee-way" with our eating because sheesh! we are working out EVERY DAY SO HARD. But the truth of the matter is, a lot of the P90X workouts don't burn very many calories. I wear my heart rate monitor and on the days we do strength work outs...I might burn 200 calories IF I'm lucky! Usually it's more like 150. That is not enough to make me lose weight. If I am not watching my eating very strictly (and saying "oh I can have those cookies because I worked out so hard today." then obviously, I'm going to gain. The only days that really burn the calories off in big numbers is Plyo, Core Synergestics, Kenpo and maybe yoga. (also Cardio X if you do that). That means that 3 days a week, if we really push, we might have a good calorie burn...but the rest of the time, the weight loss part is going to have to come from our diet. I know that when you post your foods on here, it always sounds very healthy and right on with the nutrition guide. But, if you're like me, I tend to post my foods when I've been eating GOOD...but when I've been flubbing up and eating Mexican on Friday and then Italian on Saturday and then a cheesburger on you won't see any mention of my food intake on my blog!
The only time I lost weight while doing P90X is the first time I did it...and that was also the only time that I actually ate about 98% PERFECTLY throughout the entire 90 days.
You might start keeping a food journal, if you don't already, to help jog your memory of everything you are taking in. It's always enlightening when you actually see it all listed out on paper.
Another thing you could do (if you could fit it in) is to add in Cardio X on the days that you do weights. I know...ugh! More time spent working out...but that will definintly help with the fat-melting.
Let me know what you think...and if I could be right with this answer.
Ps. The one arm push ups are VERY hard for me. Strangely, I do better with my left hand than my right..but it is an awkward move--trying to hold yourself up with one hand.