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Monday, August 4, 2008

Exercise vs. Training

Since I began blogging, and reading the blogs of runners, swimmers, bikers, who participate in marathons, half-marathons, and triathlons, I have discovered that there is a difference in exercise and training. What I do is exercise. I can see that training is so much more focused, organized, and intense. Of course to be training, you are training for something. You can't just exercise and plan to run a marathon or triathlon. You must set goals, schedules, and organized workouts. Now what I am wondering is how do you get to this point? Reading others' blogs? Reading books? Getting a trainer? Hmmmmm.......... I for sure need some hints. I do know the first thing I have to do is decide exactly WHAT I want to train for, and then I guess I can begin a plan of action. But for right now... I guess you can just say that I "just" exercise.

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Fast Twitch Mind said...

Dee: Exercising for fun and/or for personal fitness is a great thing. Since I come from a lifetime of training for something I know no other way. Now I seem to be more focused on other things(riding the motorcycle long distances, etc.) so I train less for competition(I will do only 8 triathlons this year(no Ironman or Half Ironman distances)and 4 road races(with a possible Half Marathon or Full). So maybe I am getting to the exercise for health mode more every day. Dr. Cooper(the originator of the term, aerobic exercise, ofter stated that anyone who runs beyond 3 miles is doing it for something other than exercise). I do agree with him completely but I have been an athletic competitor all my life, so know no diffent.

Will try to post more.

Mike Greer