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Monday, August 11, 2008

Open Water Swim

Saturday was spent at Toledo Bend Reservoir. I kayaked across the lake from our place to this island. The island did not look far away, but the more I paddled it just seemed like I did not get any closer. I did finally make it to the island. It took me 15 minutes to get there. I did not get out because there was all this thick mossy growth, and I did not want to walk through it. I also did not do the open water swim here. The water was not completely smoothe, and I just was too scared to attempt it.

Yesterday my friend "T" and I went to Lake Tejas. I had this thought coming back from Toledo Bend about swimming here. It is a lake, there is swimming there, and it was not too far away. So after church, we traveled to Colsmeneil. We swam for about 15 minutes without stopping. I am not sure exactly how far we went. I know that I could swim longer. But... I had to swim all different ways- not only because I was tired from swimming freestyle, but because it was really bothering me that I could not see in the water when I am used to seeing that black line in the pool. I always get this claustrophobic feeling with certain things. I had that feeling with not seeing in the water. I was really trying to overcome this feeling more than worried about my strokes or my speed. As long as I did the breast stroke, the back stroke or a side stroke, I was fine. So I know that I can complete the distance in swimming, but I will just be very, very slow. We plan to go again and try it some more.

I walked on Saturday night for about 4.5 miles. I planned to work in the yard this morning and skip my FF, and then my dh told me he had sprayed around the house for ants so I decided to forego working in the flower beds for the next few days. When I found out I was not working in the yard, it was too late for me to make it to FF. Oh well... I will get that exercise in later today.

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