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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Frio River.... Neches River

Thursday brought disappointment to me because I was to join my beloved Unome girlfriends for a weekend on the Frio River. Several of the unomes had to cancel due to pressing situations at home. Since there were so many that were unable to make the biannual reunion, we decided to cancel our Frio River trip. Therefore, I had some extra money to spend, and I was not ready to just sit home and do nothing. So... I went ahead and bought the kayak from Academy. It is by no means a fancy kayak. Today my dh was taking a flatbottom to the Neches River. So he loaded the kayak in the boat and then we got it out on the bank. He proceeded to ease his way down the river with our dog Roxie. I went ahead of him and kayaked down river. The river was so low that I had to maneuver around lots of downed trees. There was one big tree that I limboed under. He decided to park and fish awhile so I paddled back up river for several minutes. I did miss going to the Frio River because the Neches is very muddy and ugly. Nevertheless, it was fun. Yesterday I went all by myself to Sam Rayburn Reservoir. I have not been there in so long that I did not know that you had to pay if you were going to launch a boat. Even though the kayak fit inside my suburban, it is still considered a boat. It was fun paddling along the shoreline of Hanks Creek. Later that afternoon I contacted my boss to see if I could bring my kayak to practice in his pool turning over and trying to get back in the kayak. Yes, this should have been the first thing I did. I must say that I am glad that I did it. I NEVER want to fall out of that kayak. First, I just tried to get in without tipping myself over. I strained and grunted and scratched and bruised myself hoisting myself across the kayak and then trying to get myself in it. Well, I made it, but believe me.... it was not a pretty site. Then I capsized the kayak. Oh my gosh!!! I did not know it would take on so much water. It did not sink, but it was full of water. I now know I need to carry some sort of container to bail water with. Like I said, I do not want to fall out of the kayak!!! So yesterday, not only did I get a good back and core workout at FF, but I got a good back workout with the kayaking yesterday and today. It was lots of fun, and I look forward to going again!!


LB said...

Hey, they charge even if you are just going to sit at an empty picnic table to eat. Is this kayak something you would take to Caddo?

Casey said...

I wish I would have been at the pool to see you practicing your flip ;) I can't wait to try it out...if you let me!

Dee said...

Yes I would definitely take it to Caddo. I don't know if you can rent kayaks there or not, but you could always rent a canoe. Or we could switch out. I cannot kayak for hours. I have to stop and rest. And yes Casey, you can certainly use it. You will enjoy it so much. In fact, you and Greg will probably want to get one for each of you. I did not mention, but I did have a life jacket on.