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Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh Yeah....

Oh Yeah... I think I will be able to do that swim. Today when I had to change my plans from working in the yard, I decided to go to the pool and swim. I made myself not ever touch the sides or push off from the side. I swam for 15 minutes and did 12 laps. This ends up being 600 yards. The sprint triathlon is somewhere around 400 meters. So... I do think I will be able to do this. I will not be fast. I have to do other strokes still even after all this time. I cannot just do free style. I will do free style, side stroke, breast stroke, and back stroke. Hey... I just want to be able to finish it. I know I can do the bike ride. So now, I must begin to work on the running if I ever plan on making this happen. I ended up swimming close to 30 minutes today. I know that is not alot, but it was all I had time for. I did my evening walk of 3.4 miles tonight. Tomorrow... well I don't know.... what will I do tomorrow? Swim? Run on treadmill? Bike ride? Hmmm...... decisions, decisions, decisons!

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