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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Weekend

On Friday morning, I got an email from a friend in Waco. These friends are couple friends, and the husband's mother passed away. She and her husband have lived here in my hometown for many years. Steve went to high school with my dh. We began joining them twenty years ago in Galveston for the male Steve's 40th birthday. We were able to continue to meet for many years. Then he changed jobs and it was more sporadic when we met in Galveston. I guess the last time we had a group down at his inlaws beach house in Pirates' Beach was about 4 years ago. We just have so many fun memories of being with these friends and Kathy's brothers and their wives and their friends from Waco. We had planned activities. On Thursday if you arrived early enough, the guys would play golf. That evening was hamburgers. Friday began the beach fun with beach volleyball and horseshoes and lots of sun and surf. Friday night would be a dinner out at Benno's (Cajun seafood), along with miniature golf right on the Seawall. On Saturday night we would have boiled shrimp earlier in the day and have it iced down and have a gigantic salad and lots of beer to go with it. Time at the beachhouse was playing shuffleboard, spoons, and laughing and telling stories on one another and then replaying memories of past get-togethers. We have already been told that this summer will be the 60th birthday bash, and we are so looking forward to it! I gotta keep working out so I can make those volleyball digs!

When I was able to talk to Steve, he asked if I could house his grown kids/spouses. I love this family, and I got to know some of them better while I was there on Friday night. Since there were going to be so many and my house will only sleep a certain amount, I decided to let them have the house and I went to our camphouse. And then tonight I am at my mom's house so I can use the computer tonight, and make it to my exercise in the morning. What a pleasure it is to get to know your friends' kids as mature adults. Like I said, they are a great family. The oldest daughter who has a two year old gave me lots of grandmother pointers. I can sure use those.

Steve's mom and dad have been married for over 67 years. What a testimony to marriage just like my inlaws who made it to 74 years. There are going to be difficult days for this family. They know where she is which is a great comfort even though they will miss her very much. I was very impressed that two of Steve's good friends made the trip from Atlanta and Nashville.

I must mention that when I knew I was having house guests, I put it in high gear. Now my house is not a trashed out place or anything, but hey.. I am an empty nester. My husband is not picky about having things spotless... I have better things to do than clean house. Well... you know what I mean. It is not high on my list of priorities. So I really worked at it. All day long! I have no carpet in my house, so any dust is easily seen on wood floors. I was down on the floor with the dust mop getting under the bed. I was reaching high to clean the blinds. I had my house clean!!! And then yesterday afternoon I was at the camphouse with my dh and I was lying on the couch watching Mission Impossible III, and I got up to get a drink, and I was so stove-up. I said, " Gosh, what is the matter with me? Why am I so sore?" Duh....... So if you don't join a gym and you want exercise, invite some people over and get busy cleaning your house.

Tomorrow I will attend the memorial service for this dearly loved wife, mother, and grandmother. But before that I will go to my FF class. And then my life will be back to my regular routine. I learned how to scan last week( yes, you can laugh and make fun of me).
So I am going to find some photos from 20 years ago at the beach or at least a while ago and post them on this blog.

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