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Sunday, December 21, 2008

My blog

I don't know if some of you were able to get on my blog and read my post entitled "Christmas Season". I deleted this post. It was about how I feel about all the gift-giving, shopping, etc. I reread it, and although I meant all that I said, somehow it might have come across as a big complaint. It was not meant to be that way. Also, sometimes I delete comments. It is not that I have had people write ugly or inappropriate things. If someone mentions the town that I live in or my last name, then I usually delete their comment. My blog is public. I realize that most people are like me and read others' blogs to get a different perspective about life, or learn something new, etc. But I also know from watching all the crime shows- both real (Nancy Grace), and unreal (CSI), that there may be some crazy person out there that I don't want to know my name or where I live. I welcome comments and I always like to know that some people like what I write about.

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