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Monday, December 1, 2008

Get Back on Track

Okay... it is time to get back on track. I missed my exercise these last four days just like I intended NOT to do. Unless you count walking at a mall or shopping center. I just got back from HEB and Sams and I intend to try to eat healthier the next few weeks before Christmas. I usually don't eat sweets, but I was like a fiend with the pecan pie. I mainly like to pick the pecans off. Today I went to my fitness fusion class. It is just too cold to go and swim. My computer's battery is messed up, my computer cord to the electric outlet is messed up. I am going to get a new computer for Christmas. I am unable to get on the computer any time I want right now. Perhaps I need to break my computer obsession anyway. My dh made fun of me wanting to get my new computer right now. He asked, " Can't you do without it for a few weeks?" I asked him to turn the television off or not to watch ESPN for a few weeks until I got my new computer. Case closed... I made my point. I am headed for Best Buy, and may have a new computer when I come home.

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