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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Should I Change the Title?

I am beginning to wonder if I should change the title of my blog. I mean... it says Daily with Dee, and there is no daily about it. I feel like sometimes my life is just too humdrum boring to post anything. I meant for this blog to be about my exercise, but lately it just seems like I am falling short. I have only been exercising about 3 times per week instead of the 6 times that I started out with in January. Not the way the I wanted to end this year. But that is what I like about a new year..... we can start afresh. I have been making it to my FF class every MWF, but I am not spinning, nor swimming, nor bike riding lately. My foot is still giving me pain. I need to call the dr. office and find out about taking the celebrex. I also need to be icing it, which I have not done.

My Sunday school class have embarked on a new study about our attitude. I have discovered that complaining is a sin. Hmmm...... go figure. Even thinking of complaining is a sin.... hmmm..... well, my assignment has been to keep a log of what comes either to my mind or out of my mouth as a complaint. You talk about someone who is not talking much these days. I have just tried to keep my mouth shut to keep from uttering complaints. Thinking about writing it down has really made me accountable. I thought I was a very positive person, but I am realizing that I have lots of room for improvement in this aspect. How about you? Does your thought life involve lots of negative thoughts and complaints? Take note of this. It may really surprise you. This week we are talking about the sin of complaining and getting rid of it. And of course when you rid yourself of something, you must fill yourself with something else... and that is thankfulness. I facilitated our lesson on Sunday because the teacher was gone. I told them all to think about how they could turn their complaint into thankfulness, and also what could they do to change what they were complaining about. I don't plan on grading them or finding out this information.... it is for their own benefit. Try this exercise and see if you become like me. Just more aware of how you complain and more observant of all the things to be thankful for.

It is cold outside and rainy and instead of complaining about this day, as I was driving home from work, I said, " oh thank you Lord that I have heating in my car." And when I got home I told my dh how thankful I was for the nice warm house that we have. I am going to beat this complaining business, so those of you that know me, just you watch and see!


Packsaddle said...

You have a great attitude.

And this is a subject I really like to talk about.

As you have already discovered, complaining is antithetical to gratitude.

They are diametrically opposed.

One cannot be both grateful and complaining at the same time.

I try very hard not to complain.

I'm think I am improving each day.

My goal is to eventually replace all complaining with humor.

You are doing a great job, Dee!

I always enjoy reading your blog.

Lee Ann said...

What a great way to end the year with being thankful instead of complaining. My saying lately is..."Let's be thankful for the things we DO have rather than complain about those we don't have!" I too enjoy reading your blog.

Dee said...

Well packsaddle, you are certainly successful with the humor part. I love to read all your posts and the funny photos that you show with your comments. I certainly don't have this lack of complaining down yet, but I truly do have a grateful heart. I do find the best way to stop complaining is to just start thanking God for all the good things we have in our lives. Thanks for your post.

Dee said...

Lee Ann, I am glad you finally created your blog. A certain little woman of 81 is happy to be able to read your posts as well as me. Love ya

shannonmichaelis said...
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