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Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a Treat

Today is a special day for our staff. Our boss is treating us to a day at the spa. Originally we could pick three out four indulgences- hair, nails, facial, and massage. The nail tech was not going to be able to get to us today, so we might get this next week. My choice is massage and facial (nails later). I am to arrive at 9:00 a.m. with no make-up. After the four of us finish, we are going out to eat courtesy of our boss. When I say "our boss", I really mean our boss and his wife. She is an active part of the practice and is always available to help out when we are bogged down or when someone is absent. I am thankful to be working for these great people.

Last night I started writing down some of my goals on this eating situation. I have again gotten out of control with the Dr. Peppers, goodies that patients bring to the office, and grabbing the wrong thing when I am hungry. You know that 3500 calories equal a pound. If I can either cut 500 calories of what I eat that will maintain my present weight, or .... if I do a calorie deficit by burning an extra 500 calories a day, then in a week I can lose one pound. Well... at least that is the way it looks on paper. So... I have gone through and I wrote out what I would have to do to burn 500 calories. I thought some of you might be interested in this list. It looks like most of the exercises should take around 40 minutes. That is all except walking, and you will have to do this two times a day to lose the 500 calories.

So here is my list:
cycling 12-13.9 mph for 45 minutes burns 504 calories
circuit training (FF) for 45 minutes burns 504 calories
swimming (crawl-308), (breaststroke-280) 20 min each for a total of 40 minutes burns 588 cal
line dancing for 85 minutes burns 510 calories
step aerobics for 50 minutes burns 490 calories
kayaking for 40 minutes ( 4 mph) burns 500 calories
walking a 15 min mile for 80 minutes burns 504 calories
treadmill walking- 15 % incline and a 20 minute mile for 40 minutes burns 520 calories
treadmill walking- 10% incline and a 15 minue mile for 40 minutes burns 520 calories
jogging an 11 minute mile for 40 minutes burns 504 calories
These are the ones that I listed because these are the ones that I would do. I thought last night how I need to add yoga and Pilates and see what I come up with. You can go to this website and type in your weight and your length of time for each activity and see what you come up with. This was for MY weight, which I prefer not to put down for the world to see!

I also listed the calories for some of the foods that I eat that I could do without easily and not miss. For example an ounce of cheese-110, mayonaise, 1T-100, Ranch dressing 2T-180, wine 6oz glass-250, Dr. Pepper 16 oz-200. Just think if I had a DP and a glass of wine and a piece of cheese that would be over 500 calories. Those are all pretty empty calories. I will list other food ideas for quick snacks later. Right now it is time for me to go get spoiled!

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Lee Ann said...

Thanks for all that info. I'm going to get a plan started when I come back from my cruise. However, I will be doing alot of physical activity things, but I will probably be eating alot of things I don't normally eat. Everything in moderation..right??